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When you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect hardwood flooring, you want the very best hardwood flooring info. You’ll want to know about the most essential characteristics of the materials so that you can make the best decision. We’d like to provide you with some of that information here.

Choosing from the variety of species options, stain colors, sealants, and finish types not only means you’ll get the best materials. You’ll also get the floors that best match your preferences and requirements for flooring. And you’ll get to personalize your floors to your liking as well.

The perfect hardwood flooring for you

If you’ve heard much about hardwood flooring at all, you probably already know that is has one of the most extensive lifespans in the industry. With proper care and maintenance, they quickly reach 100 years or more. That means they’re likely to be the last floor coverings you ever have installed.
A great species gives you the best foundation on which to build. The busier your in-house activity levels, the harder your wood species needs to be to help reach the specified lifespan. Softer species are excellent for low-traffic areas such as closets and pantries but never work well in highly-traveled areas.

The finish you choose is also important, as some can offer added protection against wear. For instance, hand-scraped or wire-brushed finishes can resist scuffs, scratches, and water spots, leaving you with floors that look newer longer. This is a wonderful option for homes with pets or children.

It’s important to remember that flooring your basement with the solid wood variety is never an option. As an alternative, we recommend a good engineered wood floor. This product stands up better to dampness, humidity, and changes in temperature and will last much longer in this area.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Winter Park, CO from TGI Flooring

The best hardwood flooring in Denver, CO

At TGI Flooring, we aim to provide the highest quality flooring and the most professional services for your next flooring project. We are insured, bonded, and guarantee our work so you’ll have the floors you genuinely want, no matter how large or small your project.

We invite you to visit us at our Denver, CO showroom at your convenience. From there, we serve the communities of Denver, Winter Park, Summit County, Strasburg, and Boulder, CO. Our associates are standing by to serve all your flooring needs and answer any questions you have about the materials or services.