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We provide the vinyl flooring info you need

For those who have gotten lost in all the variety and options available in vinyl flooring, we’d like to offer some vinyl flooring info to help you short out your choices. One product is likely better for your needs than all the others.

In this flooring line, you’ll find plenty of options in both appearance and functionality, so you’ll find products that meet needs in many spaces. You’ll also get an excellent match for existing décor, and something brand new to build around if you prefer a complete remodel.

Vinyl flooring is great, versatile floor covering

In this product line, you’ll find luxury vinyl materials such as planks and tiles, as well as sheet vinyl. Planks and tiles offer the appearance of real solid hardwood, all-natural stone, and porcelain tile and provide a layered construction that gives strength, stability, and resilience that works in nearly every room in your home.
Sheet vinyl is also layered and somewhat resilient, but it has the unique benefit of being seamless. In average-sized rooms, a single piece will usually be a perfect fit, giving you a flawless look and absolutely no seams. This provides a waterproof surface that no liquid can soak into, as long as the spill or mess does not meet the edges of the flooring.

Most vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable, with lifespans that can average 25 years or more with proper care and maintenance. Install them in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, bedrooms, or anywhere you need a variety of benefits in a single material.

Be ready for a quick and easy install and easy cleanup with this floor covering. It looks great and leaves you with plenty of time for the more important things in life.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Winter Park, CO from TGI Flooring

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